Source code for texar.torch.utils.dtypes

# Copyright 2019 The Texar Authors. All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
Utility functions related to data types.

from typing import Any, Dict, Optional, Union

import numpy as np
import torch

from texar.torch.hyperparams import HParams

__all__ = [

# `torch.bool` exists in PyTorch 1.1, but the default type for comparisons
# is still `torch.uint8`.
torch_bool = (torch.empty(()) < 0).dtype

    np.float32: ['float32', 'float', 'tf.float32', 'torch.float',
                 'torch.float32', float, np.float32, torch.float32],
    np.float64: ['float64', 'tf.float64', 'torch.float64', np.float64,
                 np.float_, torch.float64],
    np.float16: ['float16', 'tf.float16', 'torch.float16', np.float16,
    np.int32: ['int', 'int32', 'tf.int32', '', 'torch.int32', int,
               np.int32, torch.int32],
    np.int64: ['int64', 'tf.int64', 'torch.int64', np.int64, np.int_,
    np.int16: ['int16', 'tf.int16', 'torch.int16', np.int16, torch.int16],
    np.int8: ['int8', 'char', 'tf.int8', 'torch.int8', np.int8, torch.int8],
    np.uint8: ['uint8', 'tf.uint8', 'torch.uint8', np.uint8, torch.uint8],
    np.bool_: ['bool', 'tf.bool', 'torch.bool', bool, np.bool_,
    np.str_: ['string', 'str', 'tf.string', str, np.str_],
    np.bytes_: ['bytes', 'np.bytes', bytes, np.bytes_]

[docs]def get_numpy_dtype(dtype: Union[str, type]): r"""Returns equivalent NumPy dtype. Args: dtype: A str, Python numeric or string type, NumPy data type, or PyTorch dtype. Returns: The corresponding NumPy dtype. """ for np_dtype, valid_values in DTYPE_MAP.items(): if dtype in valid_values: return np_dtype raise ValueError( f"Unsupported conversion from type {dtype!s} to NumPy dtype")
def is_callable(x): r"""Return `True` if :attr:`x` is callable. """ return callable(x) def is_str(x): r"""Returns `True` if :attr:`x` is either a str or unicode. Returns `False` otherwise. """ return isinstance(x, str) def get_supported_scalar_types(): r"""Returns a list of scalar types supported. """ types = [] for key, value in DTYPE_MAP.items(): if key not in {np.str_, np.bytes_}: types.extend(value) return types
[docs]def maybe_hparams_to_dict(hparams: Optional[Union[HParams, Dict[str, Any]]]) \ -> Optional[Dict[str, Any]]: r"""If :attr:`hparams` is an instance of :class:`~texar.torch.HParams`, converts it to a ``dict`` and returns. If :attr:`hparams` is a ``dict``, returns as is. Args: hparams: The :class:`~texar.torch.HParams` instance to convert. Returns: dict: The corresponding ``dict`` instance """ if hparams is None: return None if isinstance(hparams, dict): return hparams return hparams.todict()
def _maybe_list_to_array(str_list, dtype_as): if isinstance(dtype_as, (list, tuple)): return type(dtype_as)(str_list) elif isinstance(dtype_as, np.ndarray): return np.array(str_list) else: return str_list def _as_text(bytes_or_text, encoding='utf-8'): r"""Returns the given argument as a unicode string. Adapted from ``tensorflow.compat.as_text``. Args: bytes_or_text: A ``bytes``, ``str``, or ``unicode`` object. encoding: A string indicating the charset for decoding unicode. Returns: A ``unicode`` (Python 2) or ``str`` (Python 3) object. Raises: TypeError: If ``bytes_or_text`` is not a binary or unicode string. """ if isinstance(bytes_or_text, str): return bytes_or_text elif isinstance(bytes_or_text, bytes): return bytes_or_text.decode(encoding) else: raise TypeError( f"Expected binary or unicode string, got {bytes_or_text!r}")
[docs]def compat_as_text(str_): r"""Converts strings into ``unicode`` (Python 2) or ``str`` (Python 3). Args: str\_: A string or other data types convertible to string, or an `n`-D numpy array or (possibly nested) list of such elements. Returns: The converted strings of the same structure/shape as :attr:`str_`. """ def _recur_convert(s): if isinstance(s, (list, tuple, np.ndarray)): s_ = [_recur_convert(si) for si in s] return _maybe_list_to_array(s_, s) else: try: return _as_text(s) except TypeError: return _as_text(str(s)) text = _recur_convert(str_) return text